The Inner and Outer Hebrides are groups of islands on the west coast of Scotland.

Inner Hebrides, Scotland by Martin Parr

Goodnight ripples by bagpii

Lewis and Harris has been named as the best island in Europe by TripAdvisor after the travel site looked at the opinions of visitors to islands all over the world.

It’s no surprise that six of the top 10 islands in the UK were Scottish, while three of Scotland’s islands also featured in the list of the top 10 European islands with Lewis and Harris, the Orkney Islands and the Isle of Mull taking first, fourth and ninth places respectively.

Lewis and Harris was also named as one of the top 10 islands in the WORLD!


Good Morning From Scotland

500th post

As we pass yet another milestone, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for following and supporting the blog!

This started off as a wee place for me to escape to when I was feeling homesick, but then it quickly gained popularity and I decided that perhaps I was filling a ‘gap in the market’.

I haven’t been very involved with the blog recently due to other commitments (i.e. my honours degree) but I can only apologise for the lack of posts and let you know that I aim to change that in the coming weeks. Once I finish university this summer, I’ll have plenty time to focus on it and spend time writing and taking pictures/videos of my own.

Watch this space…

Oidhche mhath

The Northern Lights seen over the Isle of Lewis - by Colin Cameron
Earlier this week, Colin’s photography was featured in a number of British newspapers and on Buzzfeed.
Fish-and-chip shop owner Colin has rapidly become a well-known photographer in the Hebrides, most recognised for his pictures of the night sky and the Aurora Borealis, as well as his various creative photography techniques.
You can check out other photos on his website and Facebook page.

Today’s weather forecast for Scotland

The Clans of Scotland, with Lowland & Highland divisions

The Hebrides have been named the third favourite UK travel destination by travel journalists. First and second place went to London and Edinburgh respectively, which technically makes the Hebrides the top favourite non-city destination in the UK!


Staffa island, Scotland (via)

Callanish Sunset by on Flickr.

Formerly known as The Boy Who Trapped the Sun, the Lewis native is well known for the nostalgic lyrics and mellow tones that send shivers down the spine. His new EP The Anchor is available now and the single Old Fashioned Time has been released as an exclusive download for subscribers.


Path To Mangurstadh Beach by on Flickr.

Basalt Columns of Staffa | Scotland (by ©JC Richardson)

Staffa is the island of volcanic basalt columns on the west coast of the Isle of Mull, made famous by Fingal’s Cave.